#4735 Cannot attach files when creating new issues
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I cannot attach files when creating new issues in Pagure 5.8.1. I click on Browse ("to attach images") and select an image from my file chooser, using Epiphany Tech Preview 3.35.3-89-g8036139d2 or Firefox 72.0.2. Pagure fails to attach anything and instead inserts the following broken HTML into the comment:


This happens for every file I attempt to attach, not just images.

This isn't correct, as you can see by your <!image> here being render in fact as a markdown link.

The thing is that the upload happens when the "Submit" button is clicked, ie: when the update is created.
So when the file is attached, a placeholder is added to the comment, indicating where the link/image/file should be placed, this is the <!!image> that you see. When the ticket is created, that placeholder is replaced by the markdown linking to the file attached.

You can see this in your comment here as well as in the Attachments section on the column on the right hand side.

You can also see the image with the preview tab. As many competing platforms don't have anything else to give reassuring signals to the users, I would close this as wontfix.

One option though would be to create a preview in the edit view, like VSCode does with colours (type #888888 and you'll get a grey rectangle left to it).

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