#469 RFE: static site hosting for projects
Opened 6 years ago by maxamillion. Modified 5 years ago

I would like to request a static project site hosting for projects on pagure.io similar to how the docs are hosted (and similar to how github offers project_name.github.io).

THis is a great idea!

I think that we should use the docs hosting setup that pagure has, and convert it into pages (and not have the docs in an iframe) -- and if you want to host docs, you can just put it in your webpage.

IMHO, what we should do here is:

  • rename the https://docs.pagure.org/ subdomain to something like projectpages.pagure.org so a project's website will be https://projectpages.pagure.org/bodhi
  • have this be the place where projects can host a webpage for their project (including docs), and add a link to it to the right of the projectname in the project headerbar on pagure.
  • remove the docs tab
  • change the reponame that was previously used for docs to be projectpages or whatever we choose.

@ryanlerch what problem we will face and why can't we have something like <project_name>.pagure.io and how can we achieve it ? @puiterwijk can you give me some pointers on this ?

this is a popular feature request but far from essential - i could add that this is already possible in pagure because the "releases" page will accept upload of any file and happily serve it publicly (this should perhaps be considered a bug but for now it works) - also the existing pagure docs feature will render HTML pages so the only thing would add is the pretty URL - but if pretty URL is desired one would probably just register a domain and get a proper host

also anyone currently using the docs feature to render .rst or markdown would need to re-format everything to HTML if the docs feature was removed - but removing the "Docs" feature is not at all necessary for this feature - they are completely orthogonal - already admins can disable docs globally and users need to explicitly enable them per repo

note that a wiki is another equally popular feature request that would be excluded by this feature in it's proposed form (i.e. removing the docs feature)


this is also being discussed on notabug where we are trying to decide if the pagure docs should be converted into a full-blown wiki


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