#4543 [RFE] Issues Search UI: More Prominent Search Bar?
Opened 2 years ago by cipherboy. Modified a year ago

At some point the search box was placed into the filters drop down. I think it used to be directly visible from the list of issues.

Could Pagure perhaps move this back to a more prominent location? It really wasn't intuitive to find the first time I needed to search and I've had to explain where to find it to several other people... This would be keeping in line with GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket -- random repo for example only, or even Gitea.

Metadata Update from @jlanda:
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2 years ago

Worse still is the fact that the search field is second in the list of filter fields, after "tags". (That's second out of SEVEN separate filter fields, which seems far too granular to be useful to anyone other than the developers.) What audience is that even for, that filtering by tags would be given a higher priority than a general text search?

It's also not as useful a search as it could be. For instance, searching for my username in this repo turns up 0 results. It's only by filtering for my username under "Submitted by", that my previous issues can be located. (If there are others I've commented on, before this one — I'm pretty sure there are, but who can remember? — there is apparently no way to locate those at all.)

Filtering options are fine, but they're usually applied after searching, if too many results make the search unwieldy. But search should be able to match the contents of all of the filterable fields, in addition to text content.

+1 (Can I vote for issues?)

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