#4473 Can not merge PRs
Opened 3 months ago by praiskup. Modified 3 hours ago

After discussing on IRC it's not erroring or crashing or blocking the merge, it's just slow.

I've restarted the worker since it seems the behaviour re-appeared today.

It has apparently helped with the speed issue, for now, there is clearly not enough information for this.

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3 months ago

-> Waiting
-> Your task is currently PENDING
URL: https://pagure.io/wait/defa88e2-afd6-4910-b12c-06e7f9ed9a09?prev=%2Fcopr%2Fcopr%2Fpull-request%2F792

Seeing this again :-(, since yesterday morning CEST. I thought I updated this issue yesterday, huh (i probably updated a different one).

Metadata Update from @praiskup:
- Issue status updated to: Open (was: Closed)

2 months ago

I have restarted the workers, let me know if it helps

It worked, thanks. Could we have the workers restarted automatically?

From my POV yes. Upstream/downstream bugs though.

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