#4470 Ability to define a group of persons where the PR vote is take in account in score computation
Opened 2 years ago by fbo. Modified 2 years ago

Today the PR vote system in Pagure is that anyone can add a :thumbsup: that will enable the merge button when the score threshold (defined in the setting) is reached. That's ok when an human, usually the project admins will click the merge button.

In the case where a bot acts as the gating system we might want to add another level of safety when computing the PR score to avoid the situation where the bot could merge a change w/o any review from main project maintainers.

The idea I want to propose is, in the project settings, add a group selector along with the "minimal score to merge a PR" field. Then the score computation will only consider :thumbsup: from the users from the selected group. For instance only the 'pagure-maintainers' group users will have their :thumbsup: took in account. We can by default keep the same behaviour (:thumbsup: from everyone). But propose that group selector for advanced usecases.

Gerrit via the ACLs system can be set to allow only some people (or group) to set a note in a defined label. Github also let a project owner configure the a list of people (or a group) requested to review a PR before the PR can be merge.

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2 years ago

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