#4465 After merging a PR, return to the merged PR's page instead of main repo page
Closed: Fixed 16 days ago by jlanda. Opened 4 months ago by jflory7.


After a maintainer merges a pull request, the page should refresh to the updated pull request they just merged


Whenever I merge a PR, Pagure returns me to the homepage of my repo with the README. When this happens, I always want to look at the PR I just merged, maybe to add a comment or to send a link somewhere else. It would be a valuable QoL improvement for me if Pagure returned me to the merged PR page instead of the repo homepage.


  1. Maintainer opens a PR.
  2. Maintainer merges or cancels a PR.
  3. Pagure returns to merged or cancelled PR and shows updated status of PR.


  • Save maintainer time in a subtle but useful way

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- Issue tagged with: RFE, easyfix

4 months ago

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16 days ago

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