#4457 Vacation indicator icon (?) not working
Closed: Fixed a month ago by jlanda. Opened 4 months ago by scfc.

On the top of https://src.fedoraproject.org/user/scfc and other pages, the "user line" has a broken icon:


The graphic's source URL is (in this case) https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar/api/scfc/shield/vacation?connector=on&always=0, which gives a 404.

It's actually more likely a fedocal bug, always=0 should not raise a 404 in this situation.

From fedocal api doc:


  Booleans to specify whether to return an image if no meeting is found for

  the specified user on the specified calendar.

Won't be better just changing always to 1 on our srcfpo theme template for vacation icon?

Or do we want to show the vacation icon only when the user is on vacation?

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2 months ago

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2 months ago

Fixed on src.fp.o now that 5.7.4 has been deployed

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a month ago

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