#4438 Search: make non fork projects higher priority (allow excluding forks?)
Opened 2 years ago by ankursinha. Modified 2 years ago

While searching for projects now, it is quite hard to find original repos since they get buried in the results with all the forks. The fedora-websites project is such an example. I just could not find it in the drop-down list that the search generated.

Would it be possible to prioritise the original (non-fork) projects---maybe by showing them first in the list? Alternatively, would it be possible to not show-forks by default and add a way to include them if needed?

Of course, one can go to a fork and then go to the main repo, but that's not intuitive and a workaround at best.

Metadata Update from @pingou:
- Issue tagged with: RFE

2 years ago

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