#4426 RFE: allow setting a 'not ready' flag on pull requests
Opened 6 months ago by kevin. Modified 4 months ago

Sometimes people file PR's and aren't wanting them merged, or they file PR's and there's changes needed before the maintainer wants to merge, etc.

It would be nice if maintainers could set a 'not ready to merge' flag on a PR, and further it would be nice if these could be shown seperately on the 'my pull requests' page below the ones that are mergable.
You would need to unset the flag to merge the pr.

Just a random thought that might improve workflow. With this I can ignore mostly the 'not ready' ones and process the ready ones more easily.

This is a really good idea. It's similar to the WIP MR lock feature that GitLab has (and the new draft PR feature in GitHub), and it's incredibly useful for people to present early work for assistance or review.

Metadata Update from @pingou:
- Issue tagged with: RFE

4 months ago

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