#4417 RFE: frontend: please provide "added/removed/modified" diff stats in push/PR messages
Opened 5 months ago by praiskup. Modified 3 months ago

Something like @UI_NS.route("/<repo>/c/<commit1>..<commit2>/raw/") would be awesome.
There already is /<repo>/c/<commit1>..<commit2>/, but it would be error prone and ugly to analyze the html output.

This would be used for Copr Integration with Pagure; Copr now listens on fedmsg but we would like to analyze the diffs between start_commit and end_commit from the *.pull-request.* and git.receive messages (ATM, we can only easily analyze the last commit from those messages).

Or is there any solution? (or work-around)

In Copr Pagure hooks, we react on push/PR events, and to get the "list of changed files" in pull-request/push is pretty complicated (we need to get the start_commit, parse it, we need to get the html diff start_commit..end_commit, and parse it - approached in copr PR #659).

Yes! Could we have it in the message directly? And available for push events as well (pushes with multiple commits)?

Metadata Update from @pingou:
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3 months ago

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