#4413 Sort pull requests by tags and/or assignees
Opened 8 months ago by jflory7. Modified 8 months ago


Add option to sort pull requests by tags and share URL to tagged PRs


I want to sort PRs in a repository by a specific tag and/or assignee, and then share a URL with others to see the same sorted view I see. For example, in a project, we use a needs committer review label for unreviewed PRs. I want to share a URL, either in a message or adding a link to our project docs, for others to help us review these specific PRs that need feedback by a maintainer.


This should work similarly to the existing sorting capabilities for issues. It seems PRs miss most (all?) of the sorting functionality already existing for issues.


Easier to sort and share specific subsets of PRs against a project

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8 months ago

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