#4404 Add icon to mark replies made via email
Opened 5 months ago by ankursinha. Modified 5 months ago

Would it be possible to distinguish between replies to issues made using the web interface and ones made via email? It just gives the related users a little more information about the contributor replying.

I'm not sure about this, what does it bring?

(replying from email here since im on the morning commute to work)

I'm not sure to be honest. I noticed it on discourse first, and i think
other git forges do it too. It gives other people some info on the state of
the poster. For example, i cant provide an image at the moment since im
replying by email, and that also means i may not be able to review PRs or
make quick fixes. What i can do is "ack" so others know ive read and am
aware of the discussion.

What do you think? A UX person may be able to explain it better XD

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