#4361 Add Due-Date field to Issues
Opened 6 months ago by da2ce7. Modified 6 months ago

Allow Issues to have both priority, and terminally.

This allows an issue to expire automatically when it is past it's due-date; forcing an action to reopen and extend it's life.

It probably shouldn't expire and auto-close them within Pagure itself. But we could have a state that indicates it's past due or something.

We already have custom fields which can be set as Dates.

I'm not sure if we want to do more on this

I have been thinking about this issue somewhat more.

The question I think that needs to be studied is: Is supporting time-bounded issue graphs important?

We have child and parents references between issues, creating a issue graph. From my understanding we support circular references, i.e. an issue can both block and depend on a secondary issue.

Why should we support time-bounded issue graphs?

If a issue is marked with a time-bound then all the children issues will be "implicitly" marked as due before that date. The parent issue must not be dew before that date.

This would help development work flows. If you add a issue to a milestone; however that issue has a longer dew date; a error should be displayed. If you add a child issue to a issue, and the child has a longer dew date, likewise an error should be displayed.

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