#4352 repo set as mirror will not sync
Opened 6 months ago by billauger. Modified 5 months ago

i setup a new repo as a mirror 3 days ago, and it still has not synced


I think the mirror service isn't running on pagure.io... @pingou?

np if not, this is not essential to me - i was just reporting the issue in case it was an unknown problem

The service fails on a semi-regular basis but I have not been able to find the root cause of it yet.

Metadata Update from @pingou:
- Issue tagged with: bug

6 months ago

@pingou maybe it has something to do with #4201? Do we have any logs of it failing?

is that commit running on the server now? - my mirror still has not updated

@pingou I don't think you're using the Fedora/EPEL7 pagure package which has this fix, are you?

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