#4224 Don't limit width of code block boxes
Opened 2 years ago by adamwill. Modified 2 years ago

When there's a code block in a Pagure issue or PR description or comment, its horizontal width is limited just as 'regular' text blocks are. See this screenshot:

Pagure issue with chopped-off code blocks

This doesn't make any sense. The width of regular text blocks is limited because they are automatically wrapped, and it's easier for human eyes to read wrapped text if it's not too wide. But code blocks are not wrapped, obviously. The point of a code block is that the exact original formatting is preserved. So if there's a wide line in a code block, you wind up with a narrow code block with a long horizontal scroll bar...and now you both have to read a wide line, and do it with a narrow view window. That's the worst of all possible worlds.

Code blocks should be allowed to be as wide as they can be given the page layout.

OK, so if you scroll up a bit, there's the 'Metadata' side box which is affecting the width...but it still feels like it should be possible to give code blocks a wider view on a wide screen.

Metadata Update from @pingou:
- Issue tagged with: RFE, UI, wishful

2 years ago

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