#4194 [review] add the possibility to also comment commit message
Opened 2 years ago by hberaud. Modified 2 years ago

Currently pagure offer the possibility to add comments on code changes during review, to improve reviews I propose to adding a new feature who introduce the possibility to add comments directly on the commit message.

We can find inspiration from gerrit who already have a similar useful feature.

I think we need to consider the commit message like a file during review to allow users to comment on. So, we can add the commit message to the list of changed files.

I propose to name this fake file COMMIT_MSG in the list of modified file (for further reading you can see the gerrit convention).

Do not hesitate to debate on this topic to find the best path to follow.

Metadata Update from @pingou:
- Issue tagged with: RFE

2 years ago

Doing reviews on commit messages themselves is a bit tricky, since unlike Gerrit, Pagure doesn't operate on per commit reviews.

That's not to say it's a bad idea, but we'd need to extend the PR review model a bit to allow some means of doing reviews of each individual change in a PR in a way that doesn't make the experience awful.

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