#4158 Image paste from clipboard insert garbage in Firefox
Opened 2 years ago by techtonik. Modified 2 years ago

If I make screenshot with Ctrl+Shift+PrtScrn and paste it here, Pagure inserts garbage at least in Firefox. Like this:


Seems like there is also a problem with processing of Unicode/binary data, because major part of the previous message got stripped. There was a link to https://codepen.io/netsi1964/pen/IoJbg at the botto,.

Not quite sure if this is a bug or a RFE, I'm not entirely sure we ever meant to support it

Pasting screens from clipboard a is a huge productivity lifehack. Making screen, saving it, selecting, browsing, attaching is too tedious to even think about it.

Metadata Update from @pingou:
- Issue tagged with: RFE, wishful

2 years ago

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