#4103 Allow any user added as assignee to view private ticket, even if not added to project
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If a user is added as an assignee to a private issue, allow them to see the issue and comment on it (regardless if they are a member of the project)


I wanted this so people heavily involved with a specific ticket or issue could continue their involvement and participation even if the privileges of the project change.

A more specific example: Jane is elected to the Fedora Council. Someone opens a private ticket to the Council and Jane is an active participant in the ticket. At the end of the Fedora release cycle, she chooses not to run again for the Council. She is removed from the Fedora Council Pagure group. If my suggested feature is added, someone could "add" her as an assignee, and she could continue her engagement in that specific ticket, even while not being a member of the Fedora Council Pagure group.


Not sure how this could work. A better long-term solution would be to first introduce multiple assignees to an issue or PR, and then add this as an additional feature later. I'm not sure if a feature was already requested for multiple assignees.


Easier to keep someone engaged in a specific private issue or topic, even if their membership in an elected body or team ends

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2 years ago

I am +1 to supporting this concept, but would like it to be via a mechanism other than assignee.

Looking at the code, pagure already let assignee access private tickets

This was reported in #2907 and fixed in #2923.

Do you have an example of this not working?

@pingou Oh! Neat. Then this can be closed as duplicate. What I probably want is multiple assignees. I'll open a new ticket.

@jflory7 I doubt that's what you want, might be nice to explain the final behaviour you'd like to see or what you're trying to achieve.

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2 years ago

@pingou My last comment was confusing. I want multiple assignees anyways for the reasons explained in #4129.

In the context of this ticket, perhaps I assign two people to an issue. The first is a user with admin ACLs, responsible for work on an issue. Another assignee does not have admin ACLs, but their participation in a private issue is helpful. To accomplish this, I would assign both users to the private issue.

Thinking about this more, I agree with @bex that this implementation is confusing and probably not the right way to drive this. But I am short for new ideas on what could be better.

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