#4085 Better UI for searching project issues
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It is not first-use intuitive to search a project's issue tracker.


In the new UI, I re-learned how to search through issues in a project with many issues. Eventually, I figured out to search by keywords, I needed to open "Filter" and search there.

It would be better to draw out the keyword search and make it more visible. My use case was searching Pagure's issues to see if there was a duplicate already open for this.

Instead of putting all search options in a single menu, I suggest to make a highly-visible keyword search visible and functional. Then, add an expandable hidden section for "advanced filtering" options.


I see two ways of doing it:

Super search bar


I prefer this option.

A wide, large search bar that is centered at the top of the Issues page. Clear to see as individual component. Maybe small text link for "Advanced search" to offer other search criteria (tags, milestones, priorities, etc.) in a hidden section.

More visible text box near existing "Filter"


Add a visible text box to the right of the existing "Filter" button. This pulls the keyword search out of the filter menu so it is clear and exposed, but allows the user to use the existing interface to choose the other "advanced search" options.


Better user interface for searching through large issue trackers, hopefully encouraging more people to search for a duplicate ticket before opening a new one

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2 years ago

I seriously just asked someone where the search button was because I couldn't find it. I think one could do a lot of improvements, but maybe just adding a looking glass icon into the filter button would already help a lot with the discoverability issue.

Adding the looking glass icon is easily doable and I agree will help.
Let's do it :)

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2 years ago

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