#4038 RFE: configurable default branch in project view
Closed: Insufficient data 7 months ago by pingou. Opened 2 years ago by merlinthp.

It'd be nice if pagure could be configured with a default branch to show on the project "front page", rather than master. The situation I'm thinking of is the new centos git, where the master branch is generally uninteresting, and c7 (and later c8) will be what people are probably most likely to want to view.

The default would also extend to the files and commits links on the page, too.

It'd probably be useful to make the configuration be a list of branches (e.g. [c7, c6, ...]), with pagure showing the first branch that exists.

that's a good idea and indeed some list in pagure.cfg would be the way to go .. so I'd say +1 on the request, but only myself a "consumer" :)

+1 from me on this as well.

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2 years ago

I'm not sure this feature is a good idea. It breaks the expectation that people have that the default branch viewed is the same default branch for a git clone. If you change that, people are going to get very confused.

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2 years ago

The PR is pending a comment from the people who made the request.
Moving this off the 5.3 milestone for now.

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2 years ago

@ngompa check if #4715 would alleviate your concern, please.

This feature was added in https://pagure.io/pagure/pull-request/4175.
It has been setting there for a year, waiting for feedback from the people asking for it (cf my last comment here).

Since there was no feedback, I take it as this feature is no longer desired, so I have closed the PR and I'm going to close this ticket as well.

Feel free to re-open if you believe it is still valid and should be implemented.

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7 months ago

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