#3985 Compute the score to merge PR only from comments after the last commit date
Opened a year ago by fbo. Modified 10 months ago

My use case, as a third party tool, is to define if a PR can be merged based on the CI flags and humans comments (score).

In pagure user can add thumbsup and thumbdown to PR's comment and a project's owner can define a minimal score under the one pagure will enable the merge button.

Currently, the score is computed from all the comments but a single commit can bring so much change to a PR. It would be safer to compute the score from the comments added after the commit_start date to be sure reviewers approved the last updated code.

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a year ago

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a year ago

I'm going to postpone this one as it will require quite some changes on how the score is computed

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- Issue set to the milestone: Coming 3 months (was: 5.6)

10 months ago

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