#3618 make the footer in the default theme more generic
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This needs to be more generic, like "powered by pagure", without a copyright notice, so admins can add their own to their theme if needed.

A copyright notice may be appropriate, but the current statement is rather confused.

Compare pagure.io's footer message to bodhi.fedoraproject.org's. The Bodhi footer message is a lot more coherent and generic.

isnt a copyright notice typically for the content of a site, rather than the copyright notice for the tool that generated it?

Usually it has a bit of both. I've primarily see the typical "copyright notice" for web software be a hyperlink in the footer.

For example, when I was working on Enano CMS, we had a "Powered by Enano" which when you clicked on it, sent you to a page on the instance with a dedicated notice (per GPLv2 requirements).

You can see it here: http://oldwww.enanocms.org/index

Notice page: http://oldwww.enanocms.org/Special:About_Enano

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