#3611 Infinite redirects for user without CLA
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago Opened 2 years ago by akanksham.

When a user without a CLA signs in, they're redirected to ui_ns.index,

    if authenticated() and flask.request.path == "/":
        return flask.redirect(flask.url_for("ui_ns.userdash_projects"))

This redirects them to ui_ns.userdash_projects, hitting the login_required decorator,

        elif auth_method == "fas" and not flask.g.fas_user.cla_done:
                    'You must <a href="https://admin.fedoraproject'
                    '.org/accounts/">sign the FPCA</a> (Fedora Project '
                    "Contributor Agreement) to use pagure"
            return flask.redirect(flask.url_for("ui_ns.index"))

Which again throws it back to ui_ns.index

Just happened with me. :|

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