#3507 Ensure Pagure is still somewhat usable without JS
Opened 5 years ago by ngompa. Modified 3 years ago

With the development for Pagure 5.0, the main UI now leverages JavaScript. This is problematic for people who prefer to have JavaScript disabled unless absolutely necessary.

While it is probably reasonable to expect people who are editing and administering the repository to require JavaScript, it would be good if at least some basic functionality worked when JavaScript is not available.

I would expect this to be primarily scoped to viewing projects and filing issues.

Agree, @mjw doesn't like js much ;)

We will need to check how the current UI behaves without JS and see if we can provide something for the new UI.

I do consider this low-priority for me, but I will review PRs improving this.

Metadata Update from @pingou:
- Issue tagged with: RFE, wishful

5 years ago

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