#3298 Users listed as global admins can't create groups or repos (pagure-git 37d153c)
Closed: Insufficient data 6 months ago Opened a year ago by ngompa.

Whenever I configure myself in my local pagure instance as a global admin, I can no longer do regular user things. The events simply just don't happen. There's no error or anything, it just does nothing.

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a year ago

Hm, I've just tried to reproduce this w/o success, the group got created just fine, same thing for the new project

@pingou try turning into a global admin immediately after creating the user but before creating any groups/projects. The last time I did this, it triggered this state. When I tried to create a group, the submit button would ultimately do nothing.

Also important to note, I'm using local user auth, too.

I'm setup with local accounts as well :)

I started from a clean DB, created a new user (already listed in PAGURE_ADMIN_USERS), confirmed the user, logged in, created a new group, created a new project.

All fine here :(

@pingou The only difference from your flow and mine is that I added the user to PAGURE_ADMIN_USERS after creating and confirming the user.

  • Created a fresh new DB
  • Created a new user
  • Confirmed the user
  • Adjust the config to add the user to PAGURE_ADMIN_USERS
  • Restart the app (so configuration is reloaded)
  • Created the project foobar
  • Created the group foogroup

All went through fine :(

@ngompa can you still reproduce this?

I'm running latest git with local auth and don't have to set PAGURE_ADMIN_USERS at all to be able to create projects and groups.

Ok, adding myself to PAGURE_ADMIN_USERS doesn't change the behaviour. I can still create projects and groups.
This can be closed imho.

I'm not sure I can reproduce this anymore either, so we can close this.

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6 months ago

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