#3111 Order PR line comments by line number, not time of comment
Opened 3 years ago by jflory7. Modified 2 years ago


Order individual line comments in a pull request by the order of the line, not by the time of the comment


In a pull request, Pagure orders line comments by the time they are received. If a reviewer adds comments later, all the line comments will not appear sequentially. When reviewing a PR, it is more difficult to review feedback if a reviewer added more comments after an initial pass.

An example of this is in fedora-commops#146 (screenshot of one example below).



All line comments should be sorted sequentially in order of line, by all reviewers. This makes code easier to review when going through a PR with many comments, especially if comments were added in a different order than by line number. Organizing comments by lines make them easier to review and more intuitive for me as a reviewer.


Sort line comments by line, not by time of comment, to improve ease of review and implementing feedback from comments

I'm not entirely sure this is doable based on the current implementation of comments.

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