#2435 Can not fork repos anymore
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 3 years ago by omajid.

I forked https://pagure.io/fedora-dotnet once, and then deleted my fork. Now, when i click fork at https://pagure.io/fedora-dotnet, it says Repo "forks/omajid/fedora-dotnet" already exists but when I go to https://pagure.io/forks/omajid/fedora-dotnet it gives me a 404.

How can I fork a repo again?

Fixed by puiterwijk.

From IRC:

11:10 < pingone> likely an issue server side
11:10 < pingone> puiterwijk: if you have access to your token, could you check if forks/omajid/fedora-dotnet.git requests/forks/omajid/fedora-dotnet.git tickets/forks/omajid/fedora-dotnet.git and docs/forks/omajid/fedora-dotnet.git exists on disk?
11:11 * pingone have been meaning to write a script to check discrepencies between DB and disk
11:26 < puiterwijk|cld> pingone: will check in a few minutes.
11:52 < puiterwijk> pingone: all except for the docs/ exist

17:22 < puiterwijk> pingone, omajid: repos are removed
17:25 < omajid> puiterwijk: thanks!
17:25 < omajid> works now :)
17:26 < puiterwijk> Great. Sorry for the massive delay, but had been traveling
17:26 < omajid> no worries.

Thanks for your ticket :)

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3 years ago

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