#2335 cross instance federation of pagure?
Opened 2 years ago by ngx. Modified 2 years ago

In the announcement article in the fedora magazine you mentioned the
intention to work towards federated interaction across instances.

Has there been any work, documentation, brainstorming or whatever
on this? What's the status of this project idea?

Federated git forge is something the community around notabug.org
(currently gogs based) is interested in if I read their notes and ideas
for the 2.0 version correctly.

It is only currently possible using git hooks to mirror content from one instance to another.
It is not really built in but it should be doable.

this issue has been referenced on notabug https://notabug.org/NotABug.org/notabug-2.0/issues/28 so i will respond here also

currently, full-featured, cross-host federation would be a brittle exercise in adapting and/or retro-fitting the disparate APIs that currently exist (e.g. gogs, github, and others) - even between hosts running the same server software because these APIs were not designed to support federation but as dumb SAAS services

the notabug/peers community team has started a new project to create a unified federation API for code forges that could be implemented by pagure or any other service (even simpler composed configurations like gitweb+redmine) allowing any host to federate with any other as many or as few of it's features as desired (forks, MRs, issues, "stars") - ideally, all collaboration features offered on websites such as pagure and guthub could be exposed through the API and even command-line and email clients will be fully supported (i.e. user's could interact with pagure in every meaningful way without a web browser) - all that would be required would be to implement the communications protocol appropriately for the host environment and create/validate the compatible security tokens - the README on notabug https://notabug.org/NotABug.org/notabug-2.0/ has most of the details

i would be happy to help implement this in pagure once the protocol is fleshed out sufficiently to be useful - in fact we like the front-end of pagure quite a lot and notabug may use pagure as the front-end for it's web implementation of the system

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