#2250 Add the ability to generate a user API key to create new issues on a specific project
Closed: Fixed 5 years ago Opened 5 years ago by mprahl.

In order to decommission PkgDB, we will need to have the ability to create issues from the CLI. Currently, one needs to be an admin on a project to generate an API key to create new tickets.

From our discussion, we should:
- Add the possibility to select a project in https://pagure.io/settings/token/new and provide the ability to select issue_create, issue_update and issue_comment ACLs
- Add the possibility to set the duration of the token (with an upper limit: 365 days?) (per token with a default in the config file?)

Metadata Update from @pingou:
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5 years ago

@pingou do you still think you will have the cycles to take this issue on before mid-June? If not, let us know and I can try to tackle this. Would you like to discuss your requirements around this if I do take it on?

So instead of the workflow described here, I went with the project-less approach allowing users to generate project-less API token to comment or create tickets on any project (just like they can do in the UI).

@pingou I just checked https://src.stg.fedoraproject.org/pagure/settings/token/new and I'm not sure this is working.

It says I can create a new token - but, I have to request ACLs to "fork projects" or "create new projects" but nothing about commenting on issues or filing issues.

If I try to select no acls, it says that doesn't work either.

I adjusted stg.pagure.io not the pkgs.stg instance since the fedora request repo will be in pagure.io, right?

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