#2175 REST API: editing issue tags
Opened 3 years ago by mbasti. Modified 4 months ago

API mentioned in title is missing

Metadata Update from @lslebodn:
- Issue tagged with: IDM

3 years ago

Any update on this? Is there some possibility to have this one implemented?

We would like to use this in ogr (one python API for Pagure/GitHub/GitLab):
https://github.com/packit-service/ogr/issues/147 (by @dustymabe )

This is also requested by release-bot, which uses ogr for interacting with Pagure.

Another "user" of ogr is packit, that would be interested in this as well.


Just to be sure... @lachmanfrantisek you want to be able to tag existing issues with project tags?

We would like to add tags to existing issues. I am not sure about the term "project tags".

We need the "Tags" that are set here: https://pagure.io/ogr-tests/settings#projecttags-tab

Here is the list of tags associated with this project (Issues and Pull Requests).

Not the "Project tags" used here https://pagure.io/ogr-tests/settings#projectdetails-tab

Tags for project itself, as a comma-separated list.

And ideally, create that tag if it does not exist.

Thank you!

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