#2103 Allow renaming a repository
Opened 5 years ago by ralph. Modified 3 years ago

We have https://pagure.io/fm-orchestrator but we would like it to be https://pagure.io/module-build-service

We would just create a new repo and move everything ourselves, but we want redirects to work so that links to our old issues take users to the new issues.

Is it possible?

Currently not, basically due to the redirects :)

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- Issue tagged with: RFE

5 years ago

OK - consider this an RFE. :)

I think we could just set a straightforward redirect policy and this wouldn't be too hard.

1 - we have pagure.io/foo
2 - we rename to pagure.io/bar/foo (under bar group)
3 - all issue/PR references get redirected https://pagure.io/foo/issue/2103 -> https://pagure.io/bar/foo/issue/2103
4 - when someone tries to create a new repo pagure.io/foo explain that pagure.io/bar/foo owns that name and redirects
5 - Allow a setting in pagure.io/bar/foo repo that will allow for the owner to release the lock on pagure.io/foo and thus discontinue redirects

bump - any chance we could get this considered? I'd like to do some restructuring for the atomic repos.

see https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/desktop@lists.fedoraproject.org/message/2ZPZ4Q22Y7GGYOWAPWJSJSXIDHILJXB5/

any chance we could get this considered?

This is not a priority for me, it will come with quite a number of consequences that will need to be dealt with (redirect the UI, redirect the ssh access in gitolite, how to deal with new project wanting to re-use the old, no longer in use, name...) to implement this properly.

If someone wants to tackle this, I'll be happy to review a pull-request, but I won't be working on this any time soon.

Could we get an archived repo flag that closes down the issues, etc. and makes it read-only and pulls it out of searches, etc.? I am putting this here because most of the rename needs I have are to relocate a repo for archive reasons.

hey @pingou - friendly question, is the priority for this still as stated in https://pagure.io/pagure/issue/2103#comment-495760 ?

@dustymabe it's currently not in the roadmap for 5.2.

In early december I hope to start having stakeholder meetings where is discussed the upcoming one or two releases.
If you can make the meeting, it would be a good place to ask for this RFE to be put on the roadmap :)

If you can make the meeting,

I should be able to if I don't miss the notice. I'll try to look out for it.

@pingou Can we get this considered for either 5.5 or 5.6? This was a pain point brought up by Atomic/CoreOS teams as well as the Silverblue team.

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