#2092 Clicking links to comments doesn't take the user to the comment
Closed: Fixed a year ago by pingou. Opened 3 years ago by bowlofeggs.

After filing #2091 it came to my attention that the link I included to a comment doesn't take my browser to the comment. Instead, it takes me to the Comments tab on the PR. After clicking on the Files Changed tab, the browser doesn't scroll to the comment. This makes the comment URL difficult to use.

I wonder if this isn't already fixed in git, we'll have to check it

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3 years ago

@pingou it is working for me. The link is not present in page. This link works perfectly.

I supposed https://pagure.io/infra-docs/pull-request/14#comment-20996 was one of the inline comments that are no longer in the diff view because the diff got changed, but maybe we should still highlight it in the main comment section

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2 years ago

Just tried witht he link on the initial comment and I finished on @bowlofeggs ' comment . Is this fixed? Can we close it?

Looks to be fixed :)

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a year ago

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