#2033 PR closing tags not being detected and no nice way to close
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago Opened 4 years ago by rharwood.

None of the git commit tags for closing PRs seem to be recognized - PR:, Resolves:, Merges:, Closes:, Merges, and Closes do not seem to actually close the PR as merged. Since there is no way to mark a PR as resolved without it being merged, we have to then cancel all of these PRs.

Two questions:
- is the pagure hook enabled on the repo?
- do you manually push the commit with these messages or was it via a pull-request?

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4 years ago

Yes, it's enabled. The commits were filed via PR; I manually add "Reviewed-by" and one of the closing tags, then push to master.

Mind linking to the commit?

Sure. Here's one using PR:, one using Merges:, one using Resolves:, one using Merged:, and one using Closes.

So PR: isn't supported at all, the other should though.

One thing I find is that except for Merged: they are all using #<id> so I wonder if there is something wrong there :/

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3 years ago

Hi @rharwood, I'm coming back to this a while back. I still see this mechanism working for me regularly, does it still fail for you?

Oh, I'm seeing another common denominator with all these commits, the closing tag is in the last line of the commit, could you try maybe placing it above the Signed-off-by maybe, just for testing ?


So Merges seems to be working regularly now, but I just got a failure for Resolves: - https://pagure.io/gssproxy/c/f59040a (note that it's not the last line).

Looking at the code "Resolves" isn't support, only: "Fixes", "Merges", "Closes", "Relates" are

I'm checking the documentation of the pagure hook, it doesn't seem to speak about "Resolves".

No issue with adding it, but let's put this in another ticket :)

Should we consider this one fixed?

Opened https://pagure.io/pagure/issue/4039 for that.

I think it's fine to close this.

Thanks for your feedbacks :)

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2 years ago

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