#2019 Multiple Search field issues
Opened 3 years ago by stlaz. Modified 2 years ago

The search field of Projects/Groups/Users is flawed so very much.

  1. Highlighting right to left is very hard, clicking right a bit further from the text and dragging the mouse left simply does not work
  2. Clicking out of the search field removes the phrase you search for (please see Google.com or Bing.com or what you do in Project search fields for inspiration)
  3. When on the Groups page and typing in a name, you are redirected to a project instead of the group on submit if both have the same name (try with "freeipa", the group only has different casing)

  • Different casing for Groups, Users and projects in the search field

Metadata Update from @pingou:
- Issue tagged with: bug

3 years ago

I would prefer having one bug per ticket as it then makes it easier to tag them, especially the easyfix ones like this last one you reported

Sorry, I will remember that for the next time! (or I can split it but that might cause some more overhead now, I believe)

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- Issue tagged with: IDM

3 years ago

Commit 2231a1a relates to this ticket

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2 years ago

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