#1819 New repo in namespace doesn't show in group and group doesn't have rights on it
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I created this repo https://pagure.io/fedora-rust/rust2rpm, but it is not shown on group page (https://pagure.io/group/fedora-rust) and it definitely doesn't have that group as contributors.

I am getting this:


Maybe it was a one-off issue? Are you able to view it properly now?

Someone from IRC proposed to add group as collaborator and it made this happen. But when I will create new repo, it will not be done automatically.

So the real bug is not really fixed, but workarounded.

Well, there isn't a one to one mapping between namespace and groups, so I am not sure we want to automatically add the group when a project is added to a namespace.

The fedora-qa folks for example are happy without not having the fedora-qa group associated with all the project hosted under that namespace.

@adamwill What do you think of this ticket? Would you like the fedora-qa group to be added by default (meaning you would have to remove it if you do not want it)?

I mean, it wouldn't really break my heart, but whatever you do should probably be documented somewhere or something :) For our particular use case this isn't always the correct behaviour, let's say. It's easy enough to undo, so meh.

I'm happy even with current behaviour, but I think we should document it somewhere...

Alright, a doc RFE this is :)

Thanks for your input and if someone wants to tackle it, you're more than welcome :)

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I don't know if I agree with this being documented this way. This is a really strange behavior. If a group isn't equivalent to a namespace for projects, then what the heck is it?

I don't know of any other Git hosting system that works the way Pagure does, and Pagure's behavior is really surprising...

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