#1685 Show code comments by default in the Comments tab
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 3 years ago by bowlofeggs.

Today I visually missed a PR comment from @jcline in https://pagure.io/fegistry/pull-request/12. He suggested making a code change, but the suggestion was rendered with a grey box that had the comment hidden by default. There is a "show/hide" link in the grey box, but I missed it.

I suggest that showing the comment by default would be better than hiding it by default, so it's more noticeable.

For long comments, won't that clutter a bit the main view?

@ryanlerch do you have any thoughts on this one?

@pingou In my opinion it wouldn't clutter the view, just based on my experience using GitHub (which does show the comments and the code context together by default).

With the context, this feature sounds already more appealing, unfortunately, we have no clean way to retrieve the context of a comment for the moment (requested in ticket #751 and in a way in #392 as well) :(

For long comments, won't that clutter a bit the main view?

What if, for large comments, we showed only the first few lines, and displayed a "(more...)" link, on clicking which the box expands to show the entire comment?

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