#1517 Add a 'clone from' and 'synchronize from' {github, bitbucket, gitlab, gogs, etc...} feature
Opened 3 years ago by tvaughan. Modified 3 years ago

Since Pagure is creating (yet another) hosted Git service, it would be great if it had a feature where external repositories could automatically be cloned and/or sync'd on a regular basis.

Given that this is a Fedora-centric hosting space, projects that have Fedora relevance but want the added exposure and "trust" of more mature offerings will need this capability.

The clone from is an idea, the sync from I'm not so sure.

No immediate plan for this from me at least.

I'd like to suggest that we give this some more consideration, particularly with plans to move dist-git to pagure.

It would be absolutely fantastic if we could have a Github<->Pagure bridge that would help us encourage new package maintenance contributors, particularly the original upstreams.

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