#1171 The login icon looks like a logout icon
Closed: Fixed 5 years ago Opened 5 years ago by abompard.

The login icon on the top right looks like an open door with an arrow pointing at it, and that makes me think of a "logout" button, not a "login" button.

Consequence : I asked pingou publicly at a Flock workshop where the "fork" button was, he replied that I needed to be logged in (obviously), and it revealed to all my coworkers in the room how stupid I can be (sometimes).

I believe @ryanlerch should have a look. My feelings were hurt. It's all his fault.

@abompard that is really funny but yeah i think @ryanlerch can do something for that :stuck_out_tongue:

so @abompard when you invite someone to come in to your room for "coffee/beer" you do that with a closed door? or an open door with your hand pointing towards the stairs you people just used ? Don't get me wrong, i am really loving this issue ^_^

If you look from the frame of a prisoner, the guy outside is behind the bars. Just the matter of frame of reference ^_^

@pingou changed the status to Fixed

5 years ago

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