#1 Changed logic to have RCM group a variable in pagure.cfg
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@@ -104,9 +104,10 @@ 



                      pnt_access = []

+                     pnt_group = _config.get('RCM_GROUP')

                      for branch in _config.get(

                              'PNT_BRANCHES', _config.get('SUPPORTED_BRANCHES', [])):

-                         pnt_access.append('  RWC %s = @pnt' % branch)

+                         pnt_access.append('  RWC %s = @%s' % (branch,pnt_group))


                      # Then, blacklist a pattern over that (after).


This little change will permit the gitolite backend script to also find the privileged group (RCM) to be define through pagure.cfg config file.
That will have to match the one defined at the FAS/ACO level

Going to merge this one manually as I have a small style change I want to squeeze in.

Thanks for the PR!

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