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  It is normal for noarch package builds to not produce a debuginfo package. If it's missing in other cases (where it has not been explicitly disabled), something's wrong. One such case is a https://bugzilla.redhat.com/192422[missing %build section] with some rpmbuild versions.


+ == Don't obsolete debuginfo packages


+ In case there is removed subpackage or the subpackage is changed from arch to noarch, the associated -debuginfo package might be left behind. This might be issue, when `+fedora-debuginfo+` repository is enabled during system upgrade. Nevertheless, because the debuginfo packages has no dependencies, they are parallel installable and useful for coredump analysis, don't obsolete them anywhere.


  == Resources


  * debuginfo package listings for Fedora, sorted by size. Most debuginfo packages roughly up to 20kB in size are candidates that should be examined - however significantly larger -debuginfo packages may suffer from the same problems too, esp. in the "missing -g" case.

There are cases, where users experience issues when trying to update system including -debuginfo packages:


Because developer experience this issue just rarely, there is not real knowledge how to handle this situation. It seems the consensus is just to ignore the issue, however not every package follows the consensus:

$ grep -R Obsoletes | grep debuginfo
dmlite.spec:Obsoletes:  lcgdm-dav-debuginfo < %{version}-%{release}
dmlite.spec:Obsoletes:          dmlite-plugins-adapter-debuginfo < 0.7.0-1
dmlite.spec:Obsoletes:          dmlite-plugins-mysql-debuginfo < 0.7.0-1
dmlite.spec:Obsoletes:          dmlite-plugins-memcache-debuginfo < 0.7.0-1
dmlite.spec:Obsoletes:          dmlite-plugins-profiler-debuginfo < 0.7.0-1
dmlite.spec:Obsoletes:          dmlite-plugins-librarian-debuginfo < 0.7.0-1
dmlite.spec:Obsoletes:          dmlite-shell-debuginfo < 0.7.0-1
fts.spec:Obsoletes:  fts-mysql-debuginfo < %{version}
glibc.spec:Obsoletes: glibc-debuginfo-common
pcp.spec:Obsoletes: pcp-webapi-debuginfo < 5.0.0
pcp.spec:Obsoletes: pcp-gui-debuginfo < 4.1.1
pcp.spec:Obsoletes: pcp-pmda-papi-debuginfo < 5.0.0
pcp.spec:Obsoletes: pcp-pmda-lmsensors-debuginfo < 4.2.0
pcp.spec:- Remove Obsoletes line for pcp-gui-debuginfo
libdnf.spec:Obsoletes:      python2-hawkey-debuginfo < %{version}-%{release}
libdnf.spec:Obsoletes:      python2-libdnf-debuginfo < %{version}-%{release}

This is clumsy attempt to clarify what to do in such situation from developer POV.

Of course, other possibility would be to solve this somehow. @mjw thoughts?

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We talked about this in this weeks meeting (https://meetbot-raw.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2020-07-23/fpc.2020-07-23-16.01.txt):

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