#951 Fonts: document the “I need some font files to be present to function (any will do)”
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  * [x] Non-font packages SHOULD NOT require specific font packages, and leave font selection to end-users,

  ** except when the packaged software actually relies on those specific font packages,

  ** except for convenience font metapackages, as defined in <<Assembling different-family font packages: font metapackages>>.

+ * [x] Non-font packages SHOULD require `font(:lang=en)` when they fail in the absence of system fonts,

+ ** hardcoding specific font families is not future-proof.

  * [x] Non-font packages MAY require font packages by name, when relying on specific on-disk font file paths,

  ** ie when software is not `fontconfig`-aware,

  ** however, there is no obligation for font packagers to keep those paths stable between releases. Font file formats are flexible, making any on-disk file layout temporary. Converting applications to fontconfig use is best.

This is the domain of i18n, but people raise a stink when it is not documented and they do something else that eventually fails

@petersen can correct if necessary

Yes, I think this is good enough for "this package needs a default European font" for now.

(A package that requires a specific font to function should specify that explicitly, as you also say next.)

I somewhat disagree with this. Shouldn't it rather depend on langpacks-core-en?

Otherwise we are back to the problem that some random font will be selected.

langpacks-core-en is the provider of font(:lang=en) nowadays (tomorrow i18n may choose to provide it with something else)

One concern on this is what if applications wants a specific generic family. langpacks-core-font-* provides a default sans-serif font so far. if we have those sentence in the guidelines, how does it take care of such case? more likely to see for terminal applications say.

Just to clarify with https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/FontLangProvidesToLangpacks for F32 we have moved all the previously generated font(:lang=xx) provides from fonts packages into langpacks-core-font-xx.

Personally I think using Requires: langpacks-core-font-en is fine too.
We mainly wanted to keep font(:lang=xx) for compatibility with PackageKit-gtk3-module.

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