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  This document details best practices for packaging Golang packages. Most of it

- is automated by an extensive use of macros.

+ is automated by an extensive use of macros. These macros were introduced

+ in Fedora 31. There are no current plans to backport them to earlier releases.


  https://pagure.io/GoSIG/[go2rpm] is tool that automates many of these steps.

  It is advisable to try `+go2rpm import_path+` first

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  == Dependencies


  Packages MUST have `+BuildRequires: go-rpm-macros+`.

+ This package is available starting with Fedora 31.


  This is automated by the `+%gometa+` macro.


Make it clear that the guidelines do not apply before Fedora 31, since the go-rpm-macros are not available there.

Can you add it into CAUTION? You can see how it is used in Rust.adoc

@ignatenkobrain OK, done in branch warning-f31. Does it look good that way?

Also, noticed there was a missing word on the following line, so I added another commit for that.