#856 The pkcs11 modules should not provide the pkgconfig and do not need to ship .so objects in the devel subpackage
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@@ -22,7 +22,8 @@ 



   $ p11tool --list-tokens



+ The packages SHOULD NOT provide the package config `*.pc` files for the PKCS#11 modules, since the applications are not supposed to link directly against these libraries. The PKCS#11 module shared object SHOULD NOT be in the -devel subpackage either.



  == How applications take advantage of registered provider modules

Update PKCS#11 packaging guidelines to make the unwritten explicit, after somebody tried to link against the PKCS#11 module:


Let me know if it is fine this way, it needs some adjustments.

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@nmav I found the following missing in the packaging guidelines for the PKCS#11 modules. Are you fine with these changes or would you like to add something?

It makes sense to me.

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