#1074 Require deleting unused bundled libraries during %prep
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  Fedora packages SHOULD make every effort to avoid having multiple, separate, upstream projects bundled together in a single package.


  All packages whose upstreams allow them to be built against system libraries MUST be built against system libraries.

+ In this case, bundled libraries (and/or their source code)

+ MUST be explicitly deleted during `+%prep+`.

+ Build scripts may need to be patched to deal with this situation.

+ Whenever possible, the patch should conditionalize the use of the bundled libraries,

+ so that the patch can be sent upstream for consideration.


  All packages whose upstreams have no mechanism to build against system libraries MAY opt to carry bundled libraries, but if they do, they MUST include an indication of what they bundle. This provides a mechanism for locating libraries with bundled code which can, for example, assist in locating packages which may have particular security vulnerabilities.


Wiki page Bundled_Libraries contained a requirement for deleting
unused bundled libraries during %prep. Moving the requirement over to
the Packaging Guidelines where it belongs.

In case such requirement does not really exist and the wiki statement was wrong instead of just being in the wrong place, this pull request can be closed.

Thank you for your contribution. Unfortunately your PR did not build for some reason. Does it build locally for you?
If it does you can ignore the message.

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