#977 Get new members?
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So, we are basically 3 (or 4) members short:

  • Orion https://pagure.io/packaging-committee/issue/976
  • Jonathan told me he left FPC months and months ago
  • Mat has been meaning to formally step down from the FPC, if FPC wishes to fill his spot with someone more active, then we have his blessing to do so

(I still haven't heard from Xavier since I've joined FPC 2 years ago, neither he answered my email yet.)

Given that we need 5 members to make a quorum and it's basically just 6 of us, this makes things really hard. Should we repeat the "new members hunt"? https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/PVP2L4N7GGWAYAT4XL5CEJ7V7YCBN2WR/

Yeah, this seems like a good idea. No wonder we've been having problems with reaching quorum for a while ...

There's quite a backlog of issues and PRa again, maybe with the help of some new members we can tackle those faster?

It would probably also be good to have more members with "diverse" packaging experience so we can make sure seldomly updated guidelines (Haskell? Erlang? OCaml? Java? etc.) are still correct and up-to-date. We've not even managed to fix all wiki conversion errors for some pages yet :sad:

I'd nominate @vondruch @fweimer if they would like to join.

Xavier replied, seem to still be interested. Would like to have a different meeting time.

Hey, yeah that would be great if we can have a time where I can make it otherwise, I'd be more than ok to get through all those tickets in the meantime.

Yeh, when I've done a "when is good" before Xavier is in a timezone that doesn't work that well for east coast US. The last time we had an open call for new members hobbes1069 put himself forward, and nobody had any objections but we were already going to 10 members. I think @vondruch has put himself forward before too, though I'd have to check.

We should probably do another open call, as we should probably get 3 more.

I sent out the email a week about this with the deadline for application set as 2018-06-24.

I'll try to do a couple of reminder emails too.

Are we still hurting for members?

@ngompa yes. are you volunteering? :)

Sure, why not? :wink:

If we let the "late application" slide, then I can vouch for @ngompa :100:

I'm also interested in joining. I've been doing RPM packaging since 2014. I'm an active packager in Fedora, EPEL, and IUS (third party repo).

Uh oh

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