#941 F32 Change: new buildroot for CPU baseline update
Closed: rejected 2 years ago by bookwar. Opened 2 years ago by bookwar.

To implement the change Additional buildroot to test x86-64 micro-architecture_update we want to create a new disttag which will be used for packages built in the alternative buildroot.

The assumption is that most of the packages won't need any adjustments in the spec files and we are going to build the same Fedora Rawhide sources. But for some, like rpm-macros packages , we might need a new conditional in the spec file, which would change the packaging depending on the buildroot used.

We'd like to have an approval from FPC to allow such conditionals.

CC: @fweimer @tdawson

I don't think that we prohibit any such conditionals, but make sure you announce all changes and describe them somewhere like redhat-rpm-config. Or if you feel that they need to be in FPG, please submit PR.

Should it has a different architecture tag instead?

Do you want FPC help to decide on the dist tag name? I haven't found it mentioned anywhere.

Could yo post an example spec snippet with the conditional you seek the approval for?

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2 years ago

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