#937 Versioning guidelines inconsistent wrt. "<pkgrel> = 0.N" in the "Tilde Versioning" case
Opened 2 years ago by decathorpe. Modified 2 years ago

The Versioning guidelines currently state that when doing "Tilde Versioning", <pkgrel> must be set as "detailed above" - there, <pkgrel> is defined to be 0.N<extra stuff> for prereleases. This doesn't make any sense for the "Tilde Versioning" case though, where this information is already conveyed by using the tilde notation in the Version tag.

I suggest we change the wording of the "Tilde Versioning" case to say "use the rules for <pkgrel> as if it was a stable release", since marking it as a prerelease (both for humans and for RPM sorting) is already taken care of by the information in the Version tag.

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