#927 Guidelines for Tmpfiles.d outdated
Opened 6 months ago by decathorpe. Modified 6 months ago

The guidelines for dynamically created files seem to be outdated, and mention using a %files entry like %verify(not size mtime md5) for such files. I thought that's the purpose of %ghost, and I've never seen the former used in any packages I touched, whereas I come across %ghost entries regularly, and I use it in some of my own packages as well.

Should the Guidelines in the wiki / new docs be updated to reflect this? They have also not yet been reviewed since the move from the wiki to docs.fp.org and seem to have at least some minor conversion issues.

See rpmlint discussion: https://github.com/rpm-software-management/rpmlint/issues/326

Note, I'm not sure we should have anything about %verify or %ghost for contents being installed into /run//var/run or /tmp, as those are tmpfs and effectively non-persistent.

We spoke about this at today's meeting:


  • #927 Guidelines for Tmpfiles.d outdated (geppetto, 16:14:46)
  • ACTION: decathorpe will look at creating tmpfie macro. Possibly not
    using #ghost because files should always be there. (geppetto,

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