#924 Python 2 guidelines: Remove entirely - now or after F31 EOL?
Opened 5 months ago by churchyard. Modified 5 months ago

Based on the https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/RetirePython2 change, the Python 2 guidelines are now supposed to be completely removed, unless the FPC wants to keep them until Fedora 31 EOL.

What is your opinion?

  • Keep until F31 EOL


  • Remove now


I see no reason not to get rid of them. However, it may be useful to shift them over to EPEL somehow. Given that they're no longer just wiki pages, I'm not sure how best to do that.

Yeah, I figure at this point anyone who needs guidelines for Python needs them for 3, and most dealing with 2 know what they're doing.

In broad strokes. :)

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