#90 Permission to ship OpenERP with bundled "pyftpdlib"
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== Proposal Topic ==
Grant openerp-server a (temporary) permission to use bundled pyftpdlib

== Overview ==

OpenERP (server) contains the 'document_ftp' module, which serves db-stored documents through FTP. It uses 'pyftpdlib' as a base library, extending it to work with virtual data instead of real filesystem files.
OpenERP, at the time of development, had taken v0.4.0 of pyftpdlib and heavily modified it to match the 'virtual' mode.

Now, openerp is unfortunately bound with that decision/hacked lib. Upstream pyftpdlib has moved to 0.6.0, which means 0.4.0 changes cannot be applied. There is a plan to push required enhancements to 0.6.0 and port openerp to that, but low resources are allocated to that work so far.

OpenERP needs subclassing pyftpdlib + ''breaking some assumptions'' (about real files) in the base library. Theoretically, an upstream pyftpdlib that would be flexible enough to support openerp extensions would be possible. But, given that FTP is a protocol of decreasing popularity (hopefully), work on that cannot be put on a high priority.

pyftpdlib is packaged in Fedora

== Solution overview ==

  1. Permit OpenERP to bundle its modified version of pyftpdlib
  2. Ship OpenERP with reduced functionality in Fedora. The 'document_ftp' is a "leaf" module, meaning that it doesn't affect other important features.

Decision is on functionality rather than conformity compromise.

== Links ==
OpenERP packaging discussion: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=693425
Pyftpdlib: http://code.google.com/p/pyftpdlib/

We need more information to be able to make a decision here. Please answer all of the questions found here, with as much detail as possible:


Could we get an update here? It has been over three months since our request for additional information.

The underlying review request is closed (WONTFIX) by original submitter (not me). However, I plan to make a new attempt to package openerp. We could either close this ticket and open a new, or I could "take over" it and submit the missing information. What to do?

The underlying request was 693425. As I said, this is now closed by the submitter. I've been in contact with him, and he has no interest in this packaging any more. I've then opened 817271 where the work continues, and is affected by the same bundling issue.

However, after looking into it my provisionary observations are:
- that pyftpdlib is actively maintained
- that the interface between openerp and pyftpdlib is extremely narrow.

Thus, the obvious conclusion is to try to either use the system pyftpdlib or just drop the ftp module i. e., that this issue can be closed.

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